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Britain's oldest motorcycle brand is in decline

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Matchless may be known to many, but not so well, but it's 117 years old, born in 1899, and arguably Britain's oldest motorcycle brand. It is unknown because Matchless, which declared itself bankrupt in 1966, did not introduce a new motorcycle for nearly 50 years until 2014. But now that the brand has come back to life, all the silence has been transformed by franco marlenotti, bringing the Matchless motorcycle back to life. Not only that, but also coincidentally began to produce clothing, mostly leather motorcycle clothing, this is what it is.
Matchless, founded by Henry collier in 1899, is a design engineer, successful entrepreneur and racer. Charles collier, the son of Henry collier, won a tourist souvenir for the first motorcycle race in 1907. As a result, the father and son were both famous drivers at the time.
Just like many old brands, the motorcycle brand with a long history has gone from glory to decline. Matchless, long a newcomer, teamed up in 2013 with Michele and Manuele Malenotti brothers of Belstaff, a once-established fashion house, and was acquired by the clothing brand, formally entering the fashion industry.
The brand's first official line of clothing, also in the style of locomotives, featured leather jackets and washed jackets, priced between 600 and 1,300 pounds. The brand has also invited Kate Moss to act as a locomotive girl, highlighting her aura. The motorcycle she rode also had a story: Marlon Brando drove The 650cc bike from Matchless in The 1953 film "The Wild One."
Then invincible went on to launch the motorcycle, its first product after resurrection was the model-x, and Matchless officially became Matchless London. From the perspective of X type design, the deposits deposited over one hundred years have not been lost by Matchless. By contrast, the X design is clearly more mechanical and retro. Matchless, once a British motorcycle brand alongside sankwon, NORTON and triumph, has been rebranded as a clothing brand, and the classic brand is now reattached to motorcycles.
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